Today’s shopping landscape can be brought to life – Zeitgeist. However, only a few brands have done this with perfect implementation, creativity, and innovation. There are still many hurdles to overcome, and the transformation poses a significant challenge to every company in terms of financial resources as well as workforce and, above all, the knowledge of how to link ideal worlds of experience – the new touchpoint or customer journey!

Efficiency and benefits gained from the digital world and combined with conventional retail systems must be interpreted in a forward-looking NEW way. How do you do that? What are the required tools involved?

Questions you often ask yourself to generate more questions – only those who have experienced it and now live it can provide answers and inspiration.

Future success must be ensured by drawing new opportunities from the digital world, being ready for them, and moving with the times. If you don’t take this into account, sooner or later, you will be out of business!

Dive with us into the world of digitalization and integration in retail – allow yourself to explore new ways and experience the enrichment of new opportunities through expansion.


Tools like Retail-Applications, MagicMirror, digital moving display content, individualization, customer dialog integration, development can be efficient and promising solution approaches.

Take a specially created SaaS / Web-App and connect the brand world, i.e., your primary business idea and product. This way, you are close to the consumer – the event – and shape it yourself as well as have a strong influence. Regardless of the project at hand (product release, current news, personal recommendations, and more), it would help if you conveyed a true sense of inspiration and exclusivity to the target audience.

Offer a digital benefits program to engage customers/end users for the best your business has to offer. The data gained from the consumer’s profile, from the information about their purchases to their reviews, provides benefits for your internal developments. Be targeted and timely with the perfect product on the market!

If you can go one step further, then take a more direct approach by allowing individual product wishes to be made known by consumers and then promptly implement them. Your customer will thank you several times over and will also be pleased about the advantages gained as well as the personal and timely information such as benefits through a points program and more.

Remember, exclusivity promotes desire! Trends can be played-out immediately by partnering with artists and VIPs. Share confidential product information to particular consumers before announcing the product to the public and keep them up to date on limited product editions and unique articles. These tactics help to maintain sales at regular prices.

How can we create this In-Store Experience?

Create an efficient shopping list – be it by uploading pictures or item details. The customer will thank you for being able to make a quick selection. Be sure and link it with logistics so that the staff appears with the desired items in no time at all. Or provide live chat so that your team of consultants can immediately support, and influence interested consumers. This is how you encourage an outfit mindset and power shopping – more, better, targeted, and personalized!

Play off the registers and link to payment methods of the straightforward kind, whether it be Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Klarna. As a result, shopping becomes relaxed as well as easy. Just like online, retail can also be fun- create and allow for the experience of shopping of a new kind.

Once successfully implemented, with push messages and an AI algorithm, your customer will always be up-to-date and will thank you. That’s how you disseminate information and stories targeted to the customer and inspire them, not bore them.


Make Brand Experience tangible.

Create a world of creativity in a home consisting of a new retail ideology, digital innovation, a unique shopping experience and the focus on your experts. This will make your store supreme among others. Namely, it will represent the combined shopping world of the modern era – with new standards for retail!