We create holistic multichannel solutions for bespoke brand and product experiences.


We are the driver for outstanding service and excellence for both national and international brands.
We think globally and act locally: glocalisation is our aim (global & local).
We are dedicated, inventive and trail-blazing.
SWISS tradition of excellence is how we act and think.





art & creative direction

web development


  • Corporate consulting and strategic planning
  • M&A, turnaround, start-up
  • Change-management
  • Strategic and operational marketing, offline and online
  • Social media
  • SEO/SEA/e-mail marketing
  • Consumer insights/engagement
  • Content creation
  • leading license management services
  • bridging the gap between brand owners and their core business
  • search & contracting of licensing partners / licensors
  • setting and training brand management parameters and structures for license departments
  • CI, CD and brand creation
  • Photo- & videography
  • Podcasts, Videocasts, Webinars
  • blueCAST
  • Technical solutions for websites
  • SaaS solutions
  • (Web) app development
  • Online shop
  • Distribution, key account and retail
  • Sourcing and supply chain management
  • Process optimizations
  • E-commerce

We support you in the role that is right for you:

  • As a member of your board/executive management team, we are deployed by you quickly where you need us
  • As an external consultant, we cast an objective eye on your company.
  • As an external agency, we take on the tasks that you wish to outsource.
Latest cases

Sebastian Kabis

CEO / Partner

Heinz Ramseier

Founder / Chairman

Dr. Hans Staunau

CFO / Partner

Moritz Ness

Project Manager Marketing











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19. July 2022

Holistic Branding - Brand Identity & Charisma

A strong brand is based on a clear profile of what the brand can generate in terms of identity and charisma - its personality. This illustrates that personality is about the external appearance and its related perception. It’s an expression of self-image, identity, and clarity of diversity, it’s distinctiveness. So how does a brand stand out from others, and what makes it different? In this post, we go into the brand profile and show how relevant and necessary characteristics can be incorporated, are positively received in the subconscious and how a clear picture emerges.

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2. July 2022

23 Rules of Licensing.

Some companies are very successful in licensing, some are not. In general, very little is known about reasons, measures, and pitfalls. We developed 23 basic rules that help you to better manage your license business. We have structured them into four different areas. These rules have proven to be generally valid and applicable under any circumstances. Use them as a checklist to see if there is room for improvement in your licensing activities.

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1. May 2022

Creative development process for a corporate strategy!

After showing you the basic features, requirements and operational implementations in our Blogs 1 & 2, we would like to review the creative development process of the corporate strategy. This helps you understand the systematic processes of the feasibility check. It is easier to apply the feasibility check with a simple system and the appropriate technical know-how, so we briefly present to you the groundbreaking parameters below.

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