22. September 2021

GDPR for websites - Much more than a “Cookie Banner”

These days, anyone visiting a website rarely gets to enjoy the content directly - usually a window inevitably blocks the actual page, asking - sometimes more, sometimes less friendly - for consent. Mostly out of habit and in order to view the website quickly, one clicks the highlighted button "Accept all" without actually knowing what this means.

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10. August 2021

Holistic Branding - The Power of Brand Management

Those who remain true to themselves change! Said another way, if we consistently adapt to the circumstances around us, we transform ourselves by evolving. Organically, then, we become the best example of what holistic means.

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24. July 2021

Alignment strategy for a business enterprise – setting objectives, charting a course and effectively using resources to make it all happen.

In the competitive world of business, companies of all sizes are under pressure for successful outcomes. Market uncertainties can shake the most airtight plans. A comprehensive and transparent corporate strategy that properly accounts for risk can mitigate problems, keep management focused on essential goals and drive business development forward. This zeitgeist represents the pulse of business life today.

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