19. July 2022

Holistic Branding - Brand Identity & Charisma

A strong brand is based on a clear profile of what the brand can generate in terms of identity and charisma - its personality. This illustrates that personality is about the external appearance and its related perception. It’s an expression of self-image, identity, and clarity of diversity, it’s distinctiveness. So how does a brand stand out from others, and what makes it different? In this post, we go into the brand profile and show how relevant and necessary characteristics can be incorporated, are positively received in the subconscious and how a clear picture emerges.

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2. July 2022

23 Rules of Licensing.

Some companies are very successful in licensing, some are not. In general, very little is known about reasons, measures, and pitfalls. We developed 23 basic rules that help you to better manage your license business. We have structured them into four different areas. These rules have proven to be generally valid and applicable under any circumstances. Use them as a checklist to see if there is room for improvement in your licensing activities.

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1. May 2022

Creative development process for a corporate strategy!

After showing you the basic features, requirements and operational implementations in our Blogs 1 & 2, we would like to review the creative development process of the corporate strategy. This helps you understand the systematic processes of the feasibility check. It is easier to apply the feasibility check with a simple system and the appropriate technical know-how, so we briefly present to you the groundbreaking parameters below.

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23. December 2021

Operational approach for a promising Corporate Strategy

Our first blog reviewed the basic features and necessities for a successful corporate strategy, which takes a holistic view of the entrepreneur in the medium to long term. Operational implementation is an essential tactic and requires information adapted to market conditions as well as the use of clear guidelines adapted for the roll-out. Success or failure depends on this.

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23. November 2021

Digital Innovation - Living & Experiencing It- A Retail Eruption!

Today's shopping landscape can be brought to life - Zeitgeist. However, only a few brands have done this with perfect implementation, creativity, and innovation. There are still many hurdles to overcome, and the transformation poses a significant challenge to every company in terms of financial resources as well as workforce and, above all, the knowledge of how to link ideal worlds of experience - the new touchpoint or customer journey!

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22. September 2021

GDPR for websites - Much more than a “Cookie Banner”

These days, anyone visiting a website rarely gets to enjoy the content directly - usually a window inevitably blocks the actual page, asking - sometimes more, sometimes less friendly - for consent. Mostly out of habit and in order to view the website quickly, one clicks the highlighted button "Accept all" without actually knowing what this means.

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10. August 2021

Holistic Branding - The Power of Brand Management

Those who remain true to themselves change! Said another way, if we consistently adapt to the circumstances around us, we transform ourselves by evolving. Organically, then, we become the best example of what holistic means.

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24. July 2021

Alignment strategy for a business enterprise – setting objectives, charting a course and effectively using resources to make it all happen.

In the competitive world of business, companies of all sizes are under pressure for successful outcomes. Market uncertainties can shake the most airtight plans. A comprehensive and transparent corporate strategy that properly accounts for risk can mitigate problems, keep management focused on essential goals and drive business development forward. This zeitgeist represents the pulse of business life today.

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