Art & Creative Direction / Illusionist

Art & Creativity and Illusion are often melded together in the creative process, but each has different aspects to fully realize separately. We lead, inspire and guide the vision to and from a design team. Our goal is to recognize talent and to get the best from it. Inspiring, mentoring and guiding these powerful forces creates ART! So the fusion together of different ideas & designs makes an exciting product – but always while respecting the parameters of brand guidelines. We identify and understand creative differences, which we infuse in order to excite, but balance, sensory responses.

The fundamental role of art direction is to direct and guide through information while being true and “present” to the creative process at hand; Written content as much as visual, taking on the role of a storyteller, marrying together words and imagery, creating structure and order through layout and typography, providing weight and emphasis that conveys message and meaning, resulting in the ease of understanding; Mediating between writers and designers while understanding both disciplines.
Art direction is executing a strategy of creative concept or idea while maintaining brand consistency – giving the brand a distinctive style on a global platform!

Design & Development

Design & Development today means  that we transfer the most advanced creative ideas from the cultural, aesthetic, manufacturing and functional aspects to industrial serial production. A design product arises from the ongoing dialogue between art and industry, between the "immensity of creativity" and the requirements of the market. We work as a constant balancing act; On the one hand, we consider the most modern form of expression of international creativity while taking into consideration the wishes of the audience. Design always comes through innovation and follows function!


We consult strategic practices, which are tuned to deliver clear and actionable guidance to achieve great leaps forward. Generally, everything is focused on consumer and market strategy, brand evolution, new product development as well as ensuring that the work we do can be efficiently assimilated and activated within the target corporate culture and organization. We develop visions, missions and values that propel the role and culture of any brand.

Licensing Management

Our main focus in licensing is to match partners through an integrated approach. We have extensive experience in the search, valuation and selection of potential partners. Continuous input is given by us in supporting and managing the licensee. All aspects of the licensing process, including the organization, management and reporting systems of the licensing department, are vetted and planned by us. We ensure your brand is fit for licensing, negotiate with the licensees to agree on a common objective and consult with them in order that they use the brand for the licensed products in the most suitable way.

  1. Search of Partners
    • Analysis of the target market
    • Positioning of the brand in the target market
    • Conception of the collection
    • Draft of ideal profile of candidates
    • Pre-selection of partners (long list)
    • Contacting potential partners
    • Information sharing
    • Valuation of potential candidates (short list)
    • Support in negotiation and finalization of the deal
  2. Support and Ongoing Management
    • Setting up and organizing the licensing department
    • Training of employees
    • Conception of data model and reporting system
    • Continuous input in collection development towards licensees
    • Business and marketing planning with licensees
    • Participation at review meetings
  3. Brand (in cooperation with marketing department/agency)
    • Logo and graphics concept
    • Campaign concept
    • Brand architecture
    • Joint marketing activities
    • Sponsoring and event marketing


Managing and executing international marketing strategies to develop brand values requires  broad experience from a team such as ours. Regardless if a brand is new or to be revitalized, we create sustainable value in a brand by designing effective strategies that fit a company’s marketing and communications goals.
The brand, its guidelines and identity are consequently aligned with your corporate goals. The result is an interactive process among corporate strategy, brand architecture and brand positioning.

To ensure your success, we optimize the relevance of your brand by:

  • enhancing the credibility of your performance promise
  • clarifying your stand-alone position
  • honing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in regards to your competition


Sales / Distribution & Retail

We provide worldwide support to companies that want to extend their market reach. Such a goal requires a management team with  cross-cultural understanding and professional diversity. We have the flexibility and knowledge to address the most complex needs so that your ideas are materialized  and  are integrated productively with your goals. We clearly understand different markets and how we could position brands within them.

Part-Time Management

Crisis management – Change management – Project management
Special market situations call for flexible and efficient solutions, whether a new project is to be implemented successfully, a crisis is to be dealt with promptly or a sudden vacancy in a key management position needs to be filled quickly. Competent, flexible and decisive individuals are required. We have the ability to quickly identify complex situations, to draw the right conclusions and to implement changes successfully. This may include defending market shares, securing a company’s stock (restructuring / rehabilitation) or managing the demands of expansion projects. We provide experienced oversight of changes in top management, and, if needed, we assume the positions of managing director / executive board and guarantee the successful positioning of  new management. Whether we provide a team or individual support as external consultants or temporary internal management, we are regarded as empathetic agents of change who guarantee the maximum speed of implementation.

  • Managing director in the middle class (restructuring / sales)
  • Member of the management board in the middle class (marketing / sales / product development & sourcing)
  • Group Management (Expansion & Sales)
  • Managing Director Corporate Sales (Sales & Finance)

Executive Board Member

zai AG

Delegated Executive Board Member
Responsible for the operative guidance (leading the CEO & Directors in all fields / restructuring of CI & CD / product extension / co-branding business etc.)

Kieser Training AG

Executive Board Member
Responsible for Marketing & International Expansion


  • Strategic brand and product management
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Re-structuring and turn-around specialist
  • Product design & development
  • International sourcing and manufacturing expertise
  • Resource & supply chain management
  • Strategic planning & execution of global sales and distribution
  • Development & management of direct licensing strategies
  • Branding evaluation & development
  • Sales & corporate growth optimization
  • Merger / acquisition planning & undertaking
  • Contract negotiations
  • Management consulting & training